A Visio addon that provides point management, debugging, simulating, & more for Alerton VisualLogic programs.

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DDC Explorer

Analyze your entire VisualLogic DDC file to check for bugs, view point names, logic block sequencing, program size, and more. This tool will help you write better code and catch bugs before deployed to a real device.

Point Editor

Capture and edit all point tag names and values in an easy-to-use tabular format. Various export options allow you to save your points to an external file, create a point database file, or even write the point names and values directly to a live controller.

DDC Simulator

Simulate your VisualLogic DDC code directly in Visio without a live controller. Use the DDC Explorer and DDC Simulator together to ensure that your code will perform as expected when deployed to a live controller.

Product Overview



A fully customizable menu bar that gives you easy access to your most commonly used commands allowing you to hide the Visio Ribbon and regain valuable screen real estate.

Accelerator Commands

Bind commonly used commands to keyboard shortcuts to improve your efficiency while building DDC files by reducing mouse movement and mouse clicks.

DDC Scripts

Save pieces of your DDC to reusable modules that can be inserted into other DDC files. Scripts also allow you to redefine the ID and name of each point within the script which makes this a highly effective tool for creating modular DDC that can be reused to control many types of equipment.

DDC Drawing Point-Tables

A predefined shape that allows you to embed in a DDC file documentation about the points used.

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This product requires a license to use. A 30-day evaluation code can be obtained by installing the software and selecting the activation menu or tool button in the program. Click the Product Activation Guide button for details.

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