Announcing ddcToolset 2

ddcToolset 2 has been released. This is a major redesign to the ddcToolset software suite and includes new programs and added features.

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ddcBar version 21.12.12 available

ddcBar version 21.12.12 is available for downloading.

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ddcBar Release v21.8.28 for Subscription and Timed License Holders

A new release of ddcBar version 21.8.28 is available for subscription and timed license users. The following list describes the updates and improvements.

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Quickview Creator Update

A new release of the ddcTooset for perpetual and subscription licenses is available. This release addresses an issue where text objects used in the main display objects could be repeated as summary area objects.

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Timed Licenses for Offline Activation

Timed licenses for offline activation are now available for ddcbar and ddcToolset.

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Announcing Px Compiler

Announcing the Px Compiler – a utility program which adds enhanced graphic editing features to Alerton’s Compass software.

New ddcbar and ddcToolset Releases

Both ddcbar and ddcToolset have available on the downloads page new releases.

Updated Viewpoint and ddcbar Project Point Reference

Both Viewpoint and ddcBar’s Project Point Reference have been updated to improve their functionality. Viewpoint has been modernized to allow multiple open tabbed windows in 4 available pane layouts.