The original toolbar for Alerton DDC programming.
Create, modify, summarize, debug, report.
DDC Explorer, Point Editor, DDC Simulator, Subcaller Editor.


ddcToolset consists of an assortment of utilities that…
Quickly create starting displays and templates.
Batch modify displays and templates.
Grid based display and template editors.
Quickview display creator.
Command multiple points in multiple devices at once.
And more.C.


A utility to assist in translating legacy Alerton Ibex projects to Alerton EFB, ABS or Compass environments.
Create network map.
Read DAT files.
Translate displays and templates.
Create and merge device manager records.

Free Stuff

ddcToolbox also has a few freebies.
Bitx is a program that can extract the animation graphic series from a set of animation bitmaps (backgrounds) for Alerton BACtalk display objects. All the layout data and filenames are kept in a project file so you can load the data again if you need to tweak things. Also available are a Raydream cooling tower and some sizable ducts for the Alerton AHU Builder. All these are on the downloads page..