Announcing Px Compiler

Px Compiler is a utility program that adds enhanced graphic editing features to Alerton’s Compass software. One of the main features allows for embedding graphic displays within another graphic display.

Announcing Px Compiler

Variable injection is another powerful feature of Px Compiler that aids in the development of graphics.
Data contained in the Compass Device Manager table can now be used directly in a graphic (at compile
time, aka when the display is saved). Px Compiler also allows for viewing and editing the Compass Device
Manager table directly. The Px Compiler has an import and an export feature which make adding new
devices, bulk editing, sorting, and filtering device data simple.

Welcome to the ddcToolbox

A site dedicated to tools and utilities that support the creation and maintenance of programs and graphics for Alerton DDC systems.
Supporting EBT, ABS and Compass development environments.

Quickview Creator Update

A new release of the ddcTooset for perpetual and subscription licenses is available. This release addresses an issue where text objects used in the main display objects could be repeated as summary area objects. Additional features have been added to support the use of text objects in the summary area as well as auto-populating the text of button and text objects in the summary area. The auto-populate can insert the device-id or the incrementing number.

See the downloads page for details.


Timed Licenses for Offline Activation

Timed licenses for offline activation are now available for ddcbar and ddcToolset. This type of license will allow you to use the latest versions of ddcBar and ddcToolset in those areas that do not have regular access to the internet for license validation purposes. They are available in 5 and 25 seat multi-user levels and come with a 2 year time period. At the end of the time period the software is disabled from further use. At that time you can purchase a 2-year refresher pack to extend the license further.


To use a timed license you must use software versions 21.6.13 and later.


Announcing Px Compiler

Announcing the Px Compiler – a utility program which adds enhanced graphic editing features to Alerton’s Compass software. Px Compiler allows one to embed 1 or more graphic displays inside of another graphic display. This simple, yet powerful, feature makes it possible to “nest” a display (or template) onto many other displays without relying on copy/paste. Read more on the Px Compiler page.


New ddcbar and ddcToolset Releases

Both ddcbar and ddcToolset have available on the downloads page new releases. Please note that these new releases no longer offer a perpetual license but are sold in software subscription form. The following list summarizes some of the new features.

  • ddcbar adds auto In/Out-Tabs coloring based on BACnet point type as well as 2 additional colors to select from.
  • Viewpoint has been updated to include device-manager database along with tabbed windows. Viewpoint now hosts the ddcBar Project Point Reference database tool which has also been improved.
  • The subscription license now allows the account administrator to remove seats using the management portal.
  • Upgrades may be available for existing customers who are covered by a current support coverage plan. Contact with your activation code to see if you qualify.
  •  Multi-user accounts who migrating to subscription are eligible for a free 1 year license for the Px Compiler program. See the Special Offer page for details.

Announcing Software Subscriptions for ddcBar and ddcToolset

ddcBar and ddcToolset have now converted to a subscription based licensing. The new license system allows multi-user/multi-computer support using a single code with end-user seat management now accessible using the account portal. Seat counts follow the perpetual license increments with an additional 2-seat level.


Multi-user licenses are available and can be purchased in the same seat levels as the perpetual products. Using the subscription licensing method now allows the license administrator to remove seats (users) using the management portal web site.

Single User

Single users can purchase a 1 or 2 seat license for work with multiple computers. Using a 1-seat license the user can deactivate the seat on one computer and activate it on another. Or they can purchase the new 2-seat license to work with multiple computers simultaneously..

Timed Licenses for Server Rooms

For those uses who need a license for offline installations (no internet access) there is a timed license available in the same seats counts as the subscription plans. These licenses allow you to purchase a 1-year and higher (in 1 year increments) timed access to use the software. You will still need to perform a 1-time offline activation for each seat which requires the end user to copy a file to a computer with internet access. Timed licenses do not allows the administrator to remove seats using the management portal.

Perpetual licenses will no longer be offered

Older perpetual license will no longer be offered but are fully supported with technical support. No new releases are planned although critical patches will still be applied as needed. To help migrate existing perpetual license holders who are still covered by a support plan there is available a upgrade path.

Updated Viewpoint and ddcbar Project Point Reference

Both Viewpoint and ddcBar’s Project Point Reference have been updated to improve their functionality. Viewpoint has been modernized to allow multiple open tabbed windows in 4 available pane layouts. Each windows can display a point database, a bactalk.mdb device manager file or a ddcBar Project Point Reference. The ddcBar ribbon command to open the project point reference now opens the Viewpoint program which in turn can load the project point database. If you are a licensed ddcBar user the Viewpoint program allows you to access a right-click menu to write point data to shapes in a Visio drawing window much like ddcbar’s Point Editor.


ddcBar Adds Auto Tab Coloring

ddcBar version 21.4.25 adds automatic In/Out-Tab coloring based on point type. Each BACnet point types can be assigned any of the 10 available colors (the 10 colors can also be user customized). A new ribbon command allows you to update all the drawings In/Out-Tabs with a single click.ddcBar monitors and changes the colors as you edit tabs or when a ddcBar process is applied to drawing tabs.


February 2021 Software Updates

New software updates for ddcBar and the ddcToolset are available on the downloads page.


  • Corrected issues in the ddc script engine where the sequence-devices and substitute-points options were being skipped.
  • Changed the minibar window settings to correct issue with visibility on some Visio installations. Also corrected issue with window sizing in Visio 2013.
  • Fixed issue where ddcBar could cause Visio to prompt to Save drawing when no edits were made.
  • Added support in Point Editor for larger point data sets imported from the Device Settings shape.
  • Html context help has been superseded by PDF manuals.



  • Minor maintenance release. No new features.

ddcBar Update Available

Version 20.12.10 of ddcBar is available on the Downloads page. This update includes the following items.

  • Corrected issues with the import and export of the COV point data to remote Access and Excel point database files.
  • Improved ddcBar load times when Visio starts.
  • Improved support for loading multiple drawings from Windows file explorer or command line.
  • Added ability to use a range of sequences in DDC Compare.
  • Added support for Visio lines and rectangle shapes in DDC Script (some limitations on theme properties support).

Maintenance Release for ddcBar and ddcToolset Available

Maintenance releases for ddcBar and ddcToolset are available on the downloads page.

ddcBar v20.10.13

  • This release contains the official support for the latest Alerton VIP-363-HOA_Builder.xlsm workbook (version 2.2).
  • This release contains the official support for the latest Alerton VIP-363-VAV_Builder.xlsm workbook (version 2.1).
  • Updated the user interface in the Building Controller Configurator for saving point descriptors. Fixed issue where the DEL key in any cell would always delete the descriptor text.
  • Fixed issue in writing to Excel workbooks where No-Units was specified.
  • Fixed issue where opening multiple files using the Visio file-open dialog would cause point editor to all use a single database.
  • Added additional support for office theme colors.

ddcToolset v20.10.13

  • Fixed issue in QDC where clicking on the Static-Objects tab would cause an exception error if the grid was empty.
  • Fixed issue in DFC where an incorrect message about a missing license file would appear when the product was in fact licensed.

Update to ddcBar Virtual Machine License Extender

ddcBar version 20.8.25 is available with support for using the Virtual Machine license extender with the latest Softworkz activation updates. This release also includes updates to the Shape Update utility to fix an issue where duplicate master shapes would be skipped during the update process as well as an updated Compare utility that fixes an issue where the report listing would not show SUB-0.

Available on the downloads page.