Special Offer for Existing ddcbar and ddcToolset Users

If you are a licensed ddcBar or ddcToolset product currently covered with a support contract you might be eligible to upgrade to a subscription license for the same product and seat count. As a bonus for multi-user licenses (5 seats and higher) you can get a free 1-year license for the Px Compiler. Offer is available for a limited time only.

  • You must be currently covered by a technical support period. If you are not sure contact ddcToolbox with your activation code.
  • Single user licenses are eligible to switch to a 1-seat license (additional seats can be added for a fee).
  • The free PX Compile offer is only available for migrating a multi-user licenses and only for a limited time. The 1 year license will match the seat count of the upgraded product.
  Time Remaining in Support Coverage  Subscription Upgrade  Free 1-year Px Compiler License
 0 to 3 months  No upgrades available  no
 3+ to 24 months  12 month subscription plan  yes


How to Proceed

  • Locate your account activation code and confirm that is is covered by the offer (refer to the table above).
  • Contact sales@ddctoolbox.com and request the upgrade. If your account qualifies you will be sent a timed license for 12 months -depending on your qualifications- for the same number of seats as your current license.
  • Download the latest ddcBar and/or ddcToolset installers from the ddcToolbox.com web site. Make sure you download a version that supports the subscription/timed licenses or you will not be able to activate the software. These releases will be version 21.4.24 and higher.
  • Install the latest program version and activate using the same steps as you used with a perpetual license. You do not need to deactivate the existing software beforehand. You will need to activate the first computer within 5 days of receiving the new activation code..
  • Once the new subscription/timed license has been activated on at least 1 computer your older perpetual license will be disabled and will no longer function. The remaining computers using the older license will have a grace period to make the transition.
  • The free Px Compiler program activation code will be emailed once the new subscription/timed license has been activated.