ddcBar and ddcToolset Release 19.11.6 Available

New releases of ddcBar and ddcToolset are available on the downloads page. The ddcBar is a maintenance release while the ddcToolset has some additional features and one new program

  • More images have been added to all programs to support more dpi scaling settings directly.
  • The ddcToolset has added a new utility called the “Display File Compiler” or DFC.exe. This program can read a script file and create a Alerton display or template file using a batch file or external program. It can also be run in interface mode where the user can load, edit and execute the script. The program has the ability to cut-and-paste the script to and from Excel worksheets where additional design and editing can be done.
  • Admod has added an object locator window in the View menu. This window will render the currently loaded display and highlight the object currently being selected in the admod grid. This should help users know what data point they are editing.
  • SOC has added the ability to specify a style file on each row of the SVG grid. It also supports importing multiple layers from the Inkscape file which allows you to create multiple omnigraphic objects in the Inkscape file and import them to the SVG grid. Additionally, some layers have special sizing macros that help with omnigraphic text based displays (typically an object that is not defining an area or zone).

Maintenance Release for ddcBar

A maintenance release for ddcBar is available. Version 19.9.25 adds support for creating an ACM-VLX drawing using the bd3 ddc type. This release also supports the latest release of the ACM-VLX workbook.

ddcToolset Updates for AdMod and SDC

Version 19.9.22 of the ddcToolset is available.

  • New tasks have been added to Admod to support most navigation properties of the omnigraphic object as well as changing the url text of the button and omnigraphic object.
  • A report feature has been added to Admod to allow the user to view a list of all the modifications that will be applied to the display files without needing to run the actual modification process. This feature can also be used to search for specific point references within the display files.
  • SDC has fixed an issue where the text of a text or checkbox object might be truncated under certain circumstances

ddcBar Version 19.8.21 Adds Support for VLC-E Controllers

ddcBar version 19.8.21 is available on the downloads page. This release adds support for the VLC-E line of controllers as well as the new database formats and latest GC Builder VLVLCMaster.xslm workbook. The Point Editor has added the ability to save your column layout and sizes for each of the supported ddc modes.

Since support for the VLC-E line is an ongoing process any comments or feedback is appreciated. Feedback

ddcToolset Maintenance Release

ddcToolset version 19.8.4 is available on the downloads page. This is mostly a maintenance release but does add and enhance some features.

  • All programs recompiled with minor changes to display interface library.
  • QDE has added support for object size and position. Enable the display of these properties using he options menu.
  • SDC has been reworked to add a slightly better preview of the objects (grid view).
  • SDC now allows the property-override to be used along with a gallery-style and vice-versa.
  • AdMod has added tasks to work with the Omnigraphics navigation properties.
  • AdMod has changed how CurrRepJob and CurrentDevice settings of the display objects are processed. Previously if you were to uncheck these options in the display object you would also need to provide the rep+job name or device-id. Now you need to add a second task to update these properties. This allows more flexibility.

Build issue with ddcBar 19.7.28 Download

An issue with the build quality of version 19.7.28 of ddcBar has been discovered. If you have downloaded and installed this version it is recommended that you update to 19.7.28 r2. During the build process the point type enumerations were compiled incorrectly causing the BO point type to not be recognized. We apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused.

ddcBar version 19.7.28

ddcbar version 19.7.28 is available. This release concentrated on improvements and stability in the point database, Point Editor, Point Range editor and the DDC Explorer. A couple of new features include an enhanced point range dialog as well as a visual alert in the Point Editor AI and BI point grids when the other input grid contains a descriptor.

Important notice for users who use ddcBar with the ACM-VXL.

If you are currently working with ACM-VLX drawings with ddcBar you should upgrade to version 19.6.2. Previous versions of ddcBar dating back to release 18.7.4 which supported the ACM-VLX do not correctly identify the correct ddc version type for the ACM-VLX drawings (bd9 file). This release will also update the ACM-VLX drawing template files supplied with the ddcBar v19.4.27 and v19.5.9.

New Software Updates – Important Changes

New releases for ddcBar and ddcToolset are available on the downloads page. Perhaps the biggest change is that both programs will now install to a new folder structure. Instead of c:\alerton\ddctools the new default folder will be c:\ddcToolbox. If you have any existing ddcBar or ddcToolset versions you can upgrade safely by installing the new version first. Make sure to copy any customized files to the new program locations before you remove the older versions.

Below are some of the new features.

  • Version 19.4.27 have dropped support for Windows XP and Visio 2007 and have been substantially updated to work with Windows 10 with better support for multiple monitors and high DPI displays.
  • Both ddcBar and ddcToolset now includes an uninstaller feature.
  • The dSearch.exe program GUI has been redesigned to provide an easier to understand work flow.
  • ddcBar has added additional Visio drawing templates as well as improving the way a ACM Building controller drawing is detected.
  • The ddcBar AnchorBar is now called the MiniBar and is fully user customizable.


ddcBar March 2019 Update

The ddcBar March 2019 update is released. This version includes the following:

  • Fixed issue where double-clicking a drawing file in Windows Explorer and launching Visio might cause a ddcBar database error. This occurs as the drawing was loaded before ddcbar had initialized the database system.
  • Added VLX Configuration dialog support for the multiple versions of the AXM Excel workbook. Previous releases of ddcBar would recognize only 1 of the 3 versions currently published by Alerton.
  • Fixed issue in DDC Explorer and DDC Simulator where only the 1st branch point was recognized in DDC Explorer and DDC Simulator.

This release will be the last version to support Windows XP and VIsio 2007.

ddcBar Maintenance Release v19.1.24

This release of ddcBar includes updates to the database connectivity and session.log file.

  • Database Connectivity: Added provider query, connection test and ability to create a custom connection string to the User Preferences dialog.
  • Session.log: Added environment and configuration information to session log for debugging purposes.
  • Shrink Device Inputs: Last year when adding support for the 8-input AND/OR/ADD devices the skipping of TRUE and FALSE values was removed. A number of users wanted this feature restored so it is now an option in the User-Preferences (see Options for all modes section).

Tech Support Email Issues

On January 7th we were experiencing some technical difficulties with the delivery of tech support emails. If you had any tech support questions from that time period that have not been answered please resend them as they may have not been received on our end.

I apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused. Thanks.

ddcbar v18.11.18 Available

A new version of ddcbar is available on the downloads page. This release includes the ability to select a database provider in the User Preferences dialog. Previous to this release ddcbar hard coded the provider to either JET 4.0 or ACE 12.0 which was causing issues on a few users installations which did not have 32bit versions of these provides installed. If you have experience errors when loading a database file or accessing the point editor try changing your database provider to the 32bit driver you have installed on your PC. This release also fixes 2 issue with the reading and writing of Excel workbook points which support arrays.

ddcBar Update v18.11.2

A maintenance release for ddcBar is available for download to customers who have a current support license. This update addresses the following issues:

  • Changed ddcBar installer level to run without elevation.
  • Added test for ability to create and modify files in the cache folder.
  • Added delay between the copying and opening of files in cache folder.
  • Added check to the ddcBar file copy routine to clear ReadOnly attribute.
  • Fixed issue in Point Search & Replace where decrement of device-id and instance was actually incrementing. Fixed issue where the Description of an I/O-Tab would be changed under certain search configurations.
  • Added a more detailed saving of settings between each use of the dialog.
  • Fixed issue in the search for a device shape where an exception was raised when device shapes could not be located in any stencil.
  • Added more detail to session.log file.
  • Fixed issue where cache folder was not always cleared of files.
  • Fixed issue in DDC Simulator where the SU point values were not correctly written back to the source point.

DDCbar anchor windows issues with Visio 2016

If you use DDCbar with Visio 2019 and have experienced issues with ddcBar anchor windows not displaying correctly try the following Visio configuration change. Run Visio and look at the bottom right of the main window for an monitor icon with the command Display Settings. Click on the text and choose Optimize for compatibility in the dialog box. This change should fix the anchor window issues.

Visio Viewer Issues

A reminder for ddcBar users. Be aware that the installation of Visio Viewer alongside of the full Visio program can cause all sorts of issues for add-ins such as ddcBar. This is especially true when Visio and Visio Viewer are from different product versions. One way this happen is if you install the standalone version of Visio along with an Office suite which may install Visio Viewer by default. If you experience issues with your installation of Visio or with ddcBar check your installed program list for the existence of Visio Viewer and remove it if found.

ddcBar and ddcToolset Maintenance Releases v18.8.25

Version 18.8.25 maintenance releases of ddcbar and ddcToolset are available on the downloads page. For ddcBar there has been an update to the bactalk.activex interface to work better when multiple Alerton software packages exist. The DDC Simulator and the activation dialog have had enhancements to correct minor issues. For the ddcToolbox a new task has been added to Admod to allow the changing of the image filename extension. Enhancements include improved display rendering with GIF and PNG files, support for the Compass image+color background mode and the activation dialog changes. Issues fixed include the Admod tasks not always respecting the SameRepJob setting (Advanced-Match) and some background images skipped in Display-Explorer, QDH and dFrame.

ddcBar Shrink/Grow Command

The previous release of ddcBar contained an incomplete implementation of the AND-OR-ADD device shrink/grow command. Users reported that the command functionality did not mimic the older design and in certain circumstances the correct device shape selected by the user was not being used. Visio 2007 users reported that the command bar was not updated to support the new changes. These issues have been addressed in version 18.7.29 which is available for downloading.

ddcBar 18.7.4 with support for VisualLogic 4

DDCbar version 18.7.4 is available for downloading. This is the official release with support for Alerton’s VisualLogic 4. New features include:

  • Added support for new ACM based Building Controller file type (bd9).
  • Support for the new bd9 device functions in DDC Explorer, Compare and Simulator.
  • Support for the .vssx and .vsst file formats.
  • New built-in database files have been added for the ACM Building Controller.
  • Added the ability to use the short shape names in DDC Explorer instead of the longer full names. This is an option that can be saved as the default.
  • File Open and Save dialogs have been improved to use the OS correct style (the ddcbar File-Browser has been removed as it is no longer needed).
  • Point Search-and-Replace allows editing of entered point data.
  • Additional tweaks for high DPI displays have been added.

Note: Release 18.7.4 will be the last ddcbar version to support Visio 2007. Future ddcbar releases with new features will only support the ribbon based Visio versions such as 2010, 2013 and 2016.

Alerton’s VisualLogic 4

A ddcBar beta release is available now for downloading. This release adds support for Alerton’s VisualLogic 4. This includes support for the new vislogic3 stencil, the new VisualLogic drawing and stencil versions, all the new device shapes for the new .bd9 ddc format. Both the Point-Editor and the DDC Simulator are updated to work with the new .bd9 files.