A Visio Solutions Addin for Alerton DDC Programming


A set of utilities to create, edit and manage Alerton BACtalk and Compass displays and points.


A utility to convert Alerton Ibex projects to BACtalk/Compass.

Welcome to the ddcToolbox

A site dedicated to tools and utilities that support the creation and maintenance of programs and graphics for Alerton DDC systems.
Supporting EBT, ABS and Compass development environments.

Visio Viewer Issues

A reminder for ddcBar users. Be aware that the installation of Visio Viewer alongside of the full Visio program can cause all sorts of issues for add-ins such as ddcBar.

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Alerton’s VisualLogic 4

A ddcBar beta release is available now for downloading. This release adds support for Alerton’s VisualLogic 4. This includes support for the new vislogic3 stencil, the new VisualLogic drawing and stencil versions, all the new device shapes for the new .bd9 ddc format....

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Visio and OS Support Ending

ddcBar’s support for Windows XP and Visio 2007 is coming to an end. Future versions of ddcBar will slowly remove support for these OS and Visio versions. An archive of older ddcbar vesions will be made available to those who will need to continue to use these legacy...

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ddcBar Update

ddcBar version 18.2.18 is available. This release includes a new feature that allows you to cut-and-paste subcaller data from an Excel worksheet to the Subcaller Viewer and in turn create a page of subcallers from that data.

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