Ibex to BACtalk Conversion Utility

IBCU.exe is a tool that can assist you in translating Ibex for Windows projects over to Envision for BACtalk. It can convert and copy displays and bitmaps, create a device manager database, create global controller point databases and assist in the creation of DDC drawings.

Network Configuration

Configure each Apex for a replacement BACnet device. Map each Apex trunk to device-id and network numbers for the virtual tux.

Ibex Point & Control Panel Conversion

Import the existing  Ibex DAT files to get the existing point and room names. Configure what BACnet point the Ibex point will be translated to.

Display Conversion

Load Ibex base display. Converts most Ibex point when display file is loaded but can be overridden manually. When satisfied save to BACtalk display.

Device Manager Records

Create record set of new BACnet devices ready to be exported to existing bactalk.mdb device manager database.

  • Reads data from the existing Ibex rep-job project files including the DAT files and the ADC ddc files.
  • Supports all 32 Apex controllers.
  • Network map worksheet to assign new device-id’s to apex and tux controllers.
  • Can translate the Ibex display and template files. Translation grid allows manually editing any point translation.
  • Using data from ADC file and control panel DAT files will correctly convert display points to new device-id’s.
  • Has ability to map any Ibex display or template to your dealer standard during conversion of display files.
  • Converts Ibex points to global controller points using network map. Uses data in apex DAT and PNT files to assign point to AV or BV category.
  • Can create a ddcBar script for each global controller that outlines the legacy ddc structure. Run script to create a starting Visio drawing file.
  • Has limited ability to cut-and-paste DDC between legacy ADC drawing and new BACtalk drawing. Non-supported devices pasted as a text shape. Will translate points if possible.
  • Can create a controller database that can be exported to a BACtalk Builder database or Device-Manager database.
  • Uses data in control panel DAT file to assign controller description.
  • Can typically translate a pete-repeat style school job in a couple of minutes. There may be addition work to tweak displays which will not support the legacy point types.
ibcu supports all recent Windows version (XP onwards).

ibcu interfaces with ibex, BACtalk, Envision and Compass job programming.

Note that IBCU is not a fully automatic conversion program. There are too many differences between how a legacy project and a BACtalk project are programmed and constructed. When programming the global controllers under BACtalk you should use the new features of that environment to upgrade your DDC. Use the automatic script to create your global DDC framework. Then use the cut-and-paste feature to port blocks of code over to BACtalk midifying as needed for the new system.