Ibex to BACtalk Conversion Utility

ibcu is a program that assists in the conversion of legacy Alerton Ibex for Windows programming to the Compass environment. The conversion can also convert to Envision for BACtalk and Alerton Building Suite programs.

Network Design

This view is of the network design table. This data is used to translate Ibex system network architecture to a BACnet based design

Control Panel Conversion

ibcu will convert the legacy control panels to the correct BACnet device-id.

Display Files

The Display File Translation grid allows manual editing before the conversion is made.

Device Manager Records

One of the last steps with ibcu is the creation of the Device Manager records which can be exported to new or existing Compass databases.

ibcu features

  • IBCU starts with a table that allows you to maps the Apex global controllers and their respective tux to the BACnet network and device-id’s that will be used in the new system. IBCU will use this data to translate displays, Ibex point setups, control panel names and DDC code.
  • IBCU can read the Ibex DAT files to obtain control panel references; Ibex point lists, control panel names and subcaller layouts. It can export the converted Ibex points and their values to a pointdata.mdb file.
  • IBCU can read the Ibex display files and convert then to BACtalk displays. It can be configured to replace the target display numbers in the button object of displays to point to existing BACtalk standards (redirection). You have the option of overriding the text or point value in the display objects before the translation is made.
  • IBCU can create a device database of the BCM global controllers and virtual TUX. This data can be merged to an existing BACtalk Builder or Device Manager database.
  • IBCU can translate most DDC code between Ibex drawings and BACtalk DDC drawings. This includes Ibex drawings created with ddcBar’s dbShapes.vss stencil or the Alerton VisualLogic APDS and TDS stencils. The latest version of ddcBar can use the IBCU database to translate points between systems. Make sure to read the section in this manual on translating DDC to understand the process, potential issues and limitations of this task.

What ibcu cannot Translate

IBCU cannot fill in missing data for you. If there are missing bits of information on the Ibex side you may need to enter that information manually. For example, if a control panel name is not complete or an Ibex point was never properly setup then IBCU cannot create the translated data. You can use the IBCU data grids to add, edit or delete any missing data before you proceed with the translation.