ddcBar, ddcToolset and IBCU require a license to use. An 30 day evaluation code can be obtained by installing the software and selecting the activation menu or tool button in the program. Click the Product Activation Guide button for details.

Latest Release:  A full installation package which includes all files needed to install and run the program.
Previous Release: The previosly posted full release.
Latest beta: A full installation package of the current beta version.
Older versions: For licensed customers who need an older version follow the link in the purple box below.

Need to run ddcBar on Windows XP or Visio 2007? Download legacy version 19.3.19 which can be found on the archives page.

Product Activation Guide

Explains how to install single-user and multi-user ddcToolbox licenses.
Rev date: May 16, 2019

Support Extension File

Download link of the most recent support extension file.
Release date: April 29, 2020

Archived & Free Downloads

Older versions of software for licensed customers and other free downloads.

ddcBar Downloads

These ddcBar versions support Windows 7, 8 and 10 as well as Visio 2010 through Visio 2019.

Latest Release

version 20.1.21
Full program installer

Previous Release

version: 20.1.12
Full program installer

Beta Release

version: 20.5.13 beta
Full Program Installer

ddcToolset Downloads

Latest Release

version 20.4.29
Full program installer

Previous Release

version 19.12.15 r3
Full program installer

Beta Release

version: n.a.

  • dNumber.exe. Added ability to cut filenames to Excel for renumbering and then paste them
    back to the dNumber grid.
  • QDE.exe. Fixed issue on Static objects page where scrolling to certain rows would cause a
    memory access exception.
  • MDPC.exe. Reworked SQL access to databases. Fixed issue where MDPC was using mixed mode
    login instead of SQL login. Removed support for user and password in the connection string
    (MDPC will instead use the User-Name and Password fields from Configuration Page).

Ibex to BACtalk Conversion Utility Downloads

Latest Release

version 20.3.11
Full program installer