ddcBar, ddcToolset and IBCU require a license to use. An 30 day evaluation code can be obtained by installing the software and selecting the activation menu or tool button in the program. Click the Product Activation Guide button for details.

Latest Release:  A full installation package which includes all files needed to install and run the program.
Previous Release: The previosly posted full release.
Latest beta: A full installation package of the current beta version.
Older versions: For licensed customers who need an older version follow the link in the purple box below.

Product Activation Guide

Explains how to install single-user and multi-user ddcToolbox licenses.

Customer and Free Downloads

Older versions of software for licensed customers and other free downloads.

ddcBar Downloads

Latest Release

version 19.3.19
Full program installer

Previous Release

version 19.1.24 r2
Full program installer

Latest Beta

version: n.a.

ddcToolset Downloads

Latest Release

version 18.8.25 r2
Full program installer

Previous Release

version 18.4.3
Full program installer

Latest AdMod Beta

version 18.10.1beta
Admod program only

AdMod Beta Release Details

  • Adds new feature to create series based display files. Useful when working with equipment controllers that use the same device-id but change the point-instance ranges for each controller.
  • Uses a single source file. Works with all existing tasks.
  • Execution dialog box allows you to configure the display number increment and number of displays to create.
  • Changes the existing Change-font-name task to Apply-Admod-style task. This task will load a style file and apply changes defined in that file to the object that matches the filter and advanced-match settings. Supports font, font-size, font-style, the 5-object color settings as well as the state text for readonly and prompted objects.

Ibex to BACtalk Conversion Utility Downloads

Latest Release

version 17.5.1
Full program installer