ddcBar, ddcToolset and IBCU require a license to use. An 30 day evaluation code can be obtained by installing the software and selecting the activation menu or tool button in the program. Click the Product Activation Guide button for details.

Latest Release:  A full installation package which includes all files needed to install and run the program.
Previous Release: The previosly posted full release.
Latest beta: A full installation package of the current beta version.
Older versions: For licensed customers who need an older version follow the link in the purple box below.

Product Activation Guide

Explains how to install single-user and multi-user ddcToolbox licenses.
Rev date: May 16, 2019

Support Extension File

Download link of the most recent support extension file.
Release date: Sept 27, 2019

Archived & Free Downloads

Older versions of software for licensed customers and other free downloads.

ddcBar Downloads

These ddcBar versions support Windows 7, 8 and 10 as well as Visio 2010 through Visio 2019.
See the next section below for versions that still support Windows XP and Visio 2007.

Latest Release

version 19.11.6 r3
Full program installer

Previous Release

version: 19.9.25
Full program installer


version: n.a.


Version 19.11.6 is a maintenance release that also adds additional images for high DPI monitors. The r3 release includes a missing file for Ibex compiling.


Version 19.9.25 adds support for creating ACM-VLX bd3 files. This release also includes support for the latest release of the ACM Builder ACM-VLX workbook.


Version 19.8.21 adds support for the VLC-E line of controllers. This includes 11 new pointdata.mdb files as well as the latest release of the VLVLCMaster.xslx workbook. The Point Editor has added the ability to save the column layout and size for each of the supported ddc modes.

ddcBar Legacy Downloads

These ddcBar versions support Windows XP, 7, 8 and 10 as well as Visio 2007 through Visio 2019.

Latest Release

version 19.3.19 r2
Full program installer

Previous Releases

Older versions

Latest Patch File

version: 19.3.19 r3

Legacy ddcBar Patch File

ddcBar version 19.3.19 r2 will be the last full installer for the legacy ddcBar which supports Windows XP and Visio 2007. Any updates to the core ddcBarLib.vsl file will be posted here as a patch file. To install a patch file you must have installed the last available version of 19.3.19 (r1 or r2). Download this file, unzip and place the ddcBarLib.vsl file in the ddcBar installation folder. For typical installations this folder would be “c:\alerton\ddctools\ddcbar”. Your installation may be different.

Updates and issue fixed with the patch file are:

  • DDC Simulator: Comparator was not calculating the output result correctly when the dead-bands were set to zero.
  • VLX Configuration dialog: Updated to support more “known” GC Builder Excel workbook versions.
  • DDC Simulator: Fixed issue in REDS device where only the 1st branch point was being recognized.
  • Load Drawing: Fixed issue where loading a drawing from the command line would not use the correct database provider.
  • DDC Compare: Fixed issue where the Data Writer would show up as Unknown device with an error. Also corrected the device display name.
  • Update ACM drawing: Changed how ddcBar identifies the ACM Building controller drawing.

ddcToolset Downloads

Latest Release

version 19.11.6 r2
Full program installer

Previous Release

version 19.9.22
Full program installer

Display File Compiler

version: 19.11.17 beta
Latest update

19.11.6 r2

The 19.11.6 release with an updated DFC.exe program.


This release of the ddcToolset adds images for more support of high DPI monitors. QDE now can display the loaded display file in a render window which will show you the location of any object selected in one of the editing grids. SOC has added support for individual styles to the SVG grid as well as supporting more layers in the Inkscape file. Some of the new layers can auto format the omnigraphics. A new program “Display File Compiler” or DFC.exe has been added as a beta release. This program allows you to create display files using a script language that can be called from the Windows command line or other program. DFC can also read any display and create a script file for it which can be pasted in to Excel for editing purposes. The users manual has all the details.


This release adds new tasks to Admod to allow modification of the OmniGraphic navigation properties as well as button and omnigraphics urls. A report mode had been added to Admod to allow a listing of the modifications that would occur without running the actual process. This report can also be used to search for specific points references in displays files. SDC has been updated to fix as issue with the truncating of text in text objects under certain circumstances.


Maintenance release for all programs. AdMod adds tasks for Omnigraphic navigation properties. QDE adds support for size and position properties. SDC tweaks object preview on grid page and adds ability to use both Gallery-Style and Property-Override.

19.5.3 Release 3

Version 19.5.3 r3 updates the installer program to fix an issue where some files were not being copied correctly during the installation process.

Ibex to BACtalk Conversion Utility Downloads

Latest Release

version 17.5.1
Full program installer