A new release of ddcBar version 21.8.28 is available for subscription and timed license users. The following list describes the updates and improvements.

  • Fixed issue where ddcBar was using the gen-4 naming convention for the objnames in VLC-E controllers.
  • Fixed design of default minibar file to support all I/O-Tab colors.
  • Fixed issue in Compare where previous Sequence-Range settings would be used when reopening the Compare dialog.
  • Added support for none and null in Search-and-Replace.
  • Added 3 replaceable parameters to the Point Editor Fill column with user data command.
  • Added additional sections to DefaultFieldValue.ini to support more database configurations.
  • Changed ddc+database+controller name displayed in various ddcBar dialogs to include the ddc type (bd3,bd4,bd6,bd9).