Both ddcbar and ddcToolset have available on the downloads page new releases. Please note that these new releases no longer offer a perpetual license but are sold in software subscription form. The following list summarizes some of the new features.

  • ddcbar adds auto In/Out-Tabs coloring based on BACnet point type as well as 2 additional colors to select from.
  • Viewpoint has been updated to include device-manager database along with tabbed windows. Viewpoint now hosts the ddcBar Project Point Reference database tool which has also been improved.
  • The subscription license now allows the account administrator to remove seats using the management portal.
  • Upgrades may be available for existing customers who are covered by a current support coverage plan. Contact with your activation code to see if you qualify.
  • ¬†Multi-user accounts who migrating to subscription are eligible for a free 1 year license for the Px Compiler program. See the Special Offer page for details.