ddcBar and ddcToolset have now converted to a subscription based licensing. The new license system allows multi-user/multi-computer support using a single code with end-user seat management now accessible using the account portal. Seat counts follow the perpetual license increments with an additional 2-seat level.


Multi-user licenses are available and can be purchased in the same seat levels as the perpetual products. Using the subscription licensing method now allows the license administrator to remove seats (users) using the management portal web site.

Single User

Single users can purchase a 1 or 2 seat license for work with multiple computers. Using a 1-seat license the user can deactivate the seat on one computer and activate it on another. Or they can purchase the new 2-seat license to work with multiple computers simultaneously..

Timed Licenses for Server Rooms

For those uses who need a license for offline installations (no internet access) there is a timed license available in the same seats counts as the subscription plans. These licenses allow you to purchase a 1-year and higher (in 1 year increments) timed access to use the software. You will still need to perform a 1-time offline activation for each seat which requires the end user to copy a file to a computer with internet access. Timed licenses do not allows the administrator to remove seats using the management portal.

Perpetual licenses will no longer be offered

Older perpetual license will no longer be offered but are fully supported with technical support. No new releases are planned although critical patches will still be applied as needed. To help migrate existing perpetual license holders who are still covered by a support plan there is available a upgrade path.