The official ddcBar release for the VIP-363-VAV and VIP-363-HOA controllers is available on the downloads page along with a incremental release of the ddcToolset.

ddcBar New Features and Resolved Issues

  • Fixed issue where “Device I/O Settings” command on the VLogic Group of the ddcBar ribbon would hand when running under Visio 2016 and 2019.
  • Made slight changes to how data is written to Excel cells in order to correct some issues with the cell data type (general, numeric, text).
  • During testing when running Visio 2016 and 2019 having the Visio AutoRestore enabled with multiple drawings open was causing Visio to crash. This not a ddcBar issue. If you remove both ddcBar and VisualLogic and run the test again the crashing still occurs.
  • Changed how ddcBar responds to a Visio SaveAs command. ddcBar no longer runs a 2nd Save command after the users SaveAs in order to save the new database location. The user is now responsible to save the drawing at some point. This addresses an issue in Visio 2016 and 2019.
  • Fixed issue where the Open-Stencils command did not open the VisLogic3.vss or VisLogic3.vssx stencils.
  • The Drawing Setup dialog has been modified to reduce the number of selections required and has grouped BACtalk drawing based on ddc version (BD3, BD4, BD6 and dBD9).
  • Fixed issue where the VIP point ranges were not saved in a number of cases.
  • Fixed issue where errors could occur when running ddcBar commands when a non-drawing window had focus. This would typically occur when you used the non-docked stencil windows.
  • Added support for BD9 global based drawing to open and use correct default database (it was using the AXM/VLX database by mistake).
  • Fixed issue where form scaling (high DPI) was not functioning correctly in some dialog boxes. DDC Simulator was the most effected utility.
  • Fixed issue where initial save of new drawing would prompt again for a save if you closed drawing file.
  • Fixed issue where a Visio Save-As command might reset the database filename.
  • Fixed issue where Rebuild-Database command did not fully populate Point-Range list.
  • Fixed issue when Rebuild-Database would disable any table whose start and end instances were not properly formatted.
  • Fixed errors in the Excel-Interface-File (EID) for the VIP-363-VAV controller.
  • Fixed issues where Mini-bar would not repaint buttons on some computers and where MiniBar images failed to scale on DPI change.
  • Fixed issue where loading multiple drawings might show incorrect error message about anchor windows already being loaded.
  • Reading & writing to Excel workbooks has been optimized to provide faster response.
  • Fixed issue where Subcaller-Viewer and Project-Point-Reference windows could not be opened again if they were closed until drawing was closed and opened again.
  • Fixed issue where Project-Point-Reference window would not allow creation of new project database in some cases.
  • Added additional tweak to the Compare utility in support of the Data Writer.
  • Fixed issue where some sizable dialog boxes were opening in their maximum size on Windows 10.
  • Fixed issue in DDC Explorer where orphan R/W errors pointed to the previous device shape in group list. Added point name to error message.


ddcToolset New Features and Resolved Issues

  • Fixed issue where search for device-id would not be run if the “Find all references” search scope on the “Find image or display reference” tab was set to anything but “Search only for the above file”. Update ignores all settings on the “Find image or display reference” tab.
  • Added ability to use a Style File when running a script in Tabular mode. Clarified usage of a style file in the user’s manual.