A new release of the ddcToolset is available on the downloads page. This release combines maintenance updates as well as new features.

  • An issue with how the Display Utilities handled a unique form of the button object has been resolved. Previously, if a user created a Button-SameDevice object on a template file and then copy-and-pasted that object on to a display file the Display Utilities would not recognize the object. This fix will increase the reliability of both dSearch.exe and DispX.exe reporting as well as similar issues in the other programs.
  • The dSearch.exe user interface has been changed to make the program configuration more understandable. A few bug issues have been resolved (see previous bullet item). A new feature has been added that allows you to search for one of more device-id references in display files. The files found can be cut-and-pasted to the AdMod Source-Files list. The ddcToolset Version History.pdf has more details on these changes.
  • The Display File Compiler (beta) has added support for the direct reading/writing of the script data to an Excel worksheet. This will help fix text conversion issue and make the process faster. A couple of issue with the reading/writing of the omnigraphic units-type and units-text properties has also been fixed.

The Display-File-Compiler is open to any and all recommendations for ideas on improvements and features before it gets set in stone for official release. Drop an email with your thoughts to support@ddctoolbox.com.