New releases of ddcBar and ddcToolset are available on the downloads page. The ddcBar is a maintenance release while the ddcToolset has some additional features and one new program

  • More images have been added to all programs to support more dpi scaling settings directly.
  • The ddcToolset has added a new utility called the “Display File Compiler” or DFC.exe. This program can read a script file and create a Alerton display or template file using a batch file or external program. It can also be run in interface mode where the user can load, edit and execute the script. The program has the ability to cut-and-paste the script to and from Excel worksheets where additional design and editing can be done.
  • Admod has added an object locator window in the View menu. This window will render the currently loaded display and highlight the object currently being selected in the admod grid. This should help users know what data point they are editing.
  • SOC has added the ability to specify a style file on each row of the SVG grid. It also supports importing multiple layers from the Inkscape file which allows you to create multiple omnigraphic objects in the Inkscape file and import them to the SVG grid. Additionally, some layers have special sizing macros that help with omnigraphic text based displays (typically an object that is not defining an area or zone).