ddcToolset version 19.8.4 is available on the downloads page. This is mostly a maintenance release but does add and enhance some features.

  • All programs recompiled with minor changes to display interface library.
  • QDE has added support for object size and position. Enable the display of these properties using he options menu.
  • SDC has been reworked to add a slightly better preview of the objects (grid view).
  • SDC now allows the property-override to be used along with a gallery-style and vice-versa.
  • AdMod has added tasks to work with the Omnigraphics navigation properties.
  • AdMod has changed how CurrRepJob and CurrentDevice settings of the display objects are processed. Previously if you were to uncheck these options in the display object you would also need to provide the rep+job name or device-id. Now you need to add a second task to update these properties. This allows more flexibility.