New releases for ddcBar and ddcToolset are available on the downloads page. Perhaps the biggest change is that both programs will now install to a new folder structure. Instead of c:\alerton\ddctools the new default folder will be c:\ddcToolbox. If you have any existing ddcBar or ddcToolset versions you can upgrade safely by installing the new version first. Make sure to copy any customized files to the new program locations before you remove the older versions.

Below are some of the new features.

  • Version 19.4.27 have dropped support for Windows XP and Visio 2007 and have been substantially updated to work with Windows 10 with better support for multiple monitors and high DPI displays.
  • Both ddcBar and ddcToolset now includes an uninstaller feature.
  • The dSearch.exe program GUI has been redesigned to provide an easier to understand work flow.
  • ddcBar has added additional Visio drawing templates as well as improving the way a ACM Building controller drawing is detected.
  • The ddcBar AnchorBar is now called the MiniBar and is fully user customizable.